Answers to common questions

I did not receive my tokens that I just purchased.

Please refresh the website. (Click reload or refresh on your browser). You can also try logging out and logging back in again.

If you purchased using a credit card, your tokens should be added to your account instantly. If you are sure that the purchase was completed successfully and you still do not have tokens after 10 minutes, please contact us.

I want a refund.

Our policy is that we do not review or refund. Here is why:

We also do not support or review tips for specific acts, or as payment for specific items. We have no way to investigate or verify these “deals”.

I can not login to my account.

Please clear your cookies and then close all of your web browser windows, and then go to again and try to login.

Make sure to enter your username and password carefully, with proper spelling and capitalization. If you have forgotten your password or username, please use our Password Reset tool and we will e-mail you a link to reset your password.

If all else fails, please contact us and make sure to include the username and e-mail address for the account you are trying to log in to.

I did not get my verification e-mail.

Here are the possible reasons why you would not receive your verification e-mail:

  1. You entered your e-mail incorrectly so we sent the e-mail to the wrong place.
  2. It may take a few minutes for the e-mail to arrive.
  3. It may be in your bulk/spam folder.
  4. Your ISP (mail service) did not accept the email, thinking it was spam.

Solution: Just sign up for a new account using a new username, and perhaps a different e-mail address.

If you are still having problems receiving our e-mail, we recommend using a free e-mail address from